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MercerMe will close for a brief vacation until Monday, September 8, 2020. We’d love to keep the news rolling for you during this time, but between the combination of budgetary constraints and the necessity to recharge our batteries, it’s just not feasible. 

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Did you know? MercerMe is…

  • Independent: We’re not a franchise! We’re grassroots – committed to Hopewell Valley and nobody else. MercerMe is run by Mary Galioto & Amie Rukenstein along with their fantastic team of local residents, as well as TCNJ journalism interns learning on the job.
  • Hyperlocal: We’re all members of the community we cover. Our reporters and contributors cover the community in which they live and/or work.
  • Community-supported: We need your support! Advertisers and contributing readers make this local news coverage possible. Many thanks especially to longtime supporters Stellitano Heating & Air Conditioning. For advertising details, see this link.
  • Really popular! We’re deliriously honored that our articles are viewed more than 22,000 times each month by visitors seeking the news they need about our community – news they can’t get anywhere else.

We rely on the support of readers who subscribe and local businesses who become advertising partners. Please consider contributing today

If you rely on MercerMe for your local news, please support us.

To keep the news coming, we rely on support from subscribers and advertising partners. Hyperlocal, independent, and digital — MercerMe has been providing Hopewell Valley its news since 2013. Subscribe today.


  1. You need to encourage more people to support local journalism. You provide an enormous service to us all. I am proud to support you. Quality does not come free. We need to pay for the community good you provide!!

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