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Mommy Mayor: A Mom’s plea to her children

by Cathleen Lewis

This was one of those weeks where, as a working mom, you just want to throw in the towel. Every morning, something delayed me. Even the days I made it on time, it was filled with missteps along the way. Every task was met with at least one obstacle and, by Tuesday, I was hoping for Friday. It was a week where, when I got home, I wanted to hide but instead had events squeezed in between bedtimes and a sick breast-feeding toddler who sapped any sleep or patience I might normally have.

And, all week, I played in my head with a prayer that might fit my week. Not finding one, here’s my attempt:

A Mom’s plea to her children

Some nights, when I can barely think
And all I want to do is sit and have just one grown-up drink

But instead I bide my time with bedtime stories
Sleepy eyes and lullabies

Some days are tough
And I seem might gruff

But sometimes mama’s head fills up
With work, whining, cleaning, bills
And what spills out might sound rough

But just one giggle, smile or laugh
And I promise your mama will be back

I try so hard to make it seem easy
But dear one you should know
That sometimes all my worries make me quesy

So when I frown and can’t be bothered with your games
Please be gentle, let me breath and know you aren’t to blame.

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