New Jersey National Guard to Conduct Exercise at Washington Crossing State Park

Washington Crossing Park

At 7am on Wednesday April 25, the New Jersey National Guard will be conducting an exercise on both sides of the Delaware River in Washington Crossing State Park, according to a message sent out by the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

The District sent out the following additional information:

Please be aware of the following training activities that will take place tomorrow in the Washington Crossing State Park, during school hours:


At 7:00 AM three helicopters will land with 50 troops in combat gear on the Pennsylvania side of the river.

They will then proceed to cross the river on inflatable boats and land in the lower park on the New Jersey side.

The troops will then run six miles south on the canal path and return, then cross back over in boats and leave in their helicopters by 12:00 PM.

The Union Fire Company will have a boat in the water and personnel from Hopewell Valley Emergency Services will also be on scene.  The Hopewell Township Police will also have an officer assisting with traffic near Route 546 and the canal path.

The school district is not involved with these activities and we do not anticipate any disruption to our school day or activities.


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