Parking Violation Scam in Hopewell Grant

    On Monday, May 14, 2018, a Hopewell Township resident reported to the Hopewell Township Police Department that a “Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation” had been left on the resident’s car windshield at the person’s home on Haddon Court in Hopewell Grant sometime between 10am and 7:30pm on Sunday, May 13th.

    The Hopewell Township Police Department Notices reports that “notices” may have been left on other cars in the neighborhood as well. The notice advises that a delinquent payment of $40.10 is due before May 25 and provides a phone number and a P.O. Box as methods to make payment. The top of the notice lists the “City of Pennington” with a State of New Jersey seal.

    These notices were not issued by Pennington Borough. These notices are fraudulent and residents should not attempt to make payment if they receive one. A copy of the notice is included below.

    Anyone who can provide information regarding these notices is asked to contact the Hopewell Township Police Department at 609-737-3100 ext. 0.

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    1. You can tell this was Photo-shopped from a real ticket! Three things give that away right off the bat. First, the town name over the official seal at the top of the ticket is off center.

      Second, the zip code for Pennington is shown as 90030. That is actually a California zip code in LA.

      And third, if you look closely, the text size changes multiple times in different rows of text.

      This appears to be a ticket that someone got in LA California, and they brought it home and figured they would have some fun with their neighbors. My bet is that this is a person who lives in Hopewell Grant, is a male between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, probably goes to college somewhere in California and is home right now, and has too much time on their hands.

      If the P.O. box stated for sending the payments (in the upper left corner of the ticket) is a real Pennington P.O. box, then the police should have the post office monitor that P.O. box and see if anyone comes to empty it, and nab that person for fraud. Or at least give them a good scare!

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