Personal DNA Testing — What It Can and Can’t Tell You

Julie Drawbridge

Join Rider University Biology and Behavioral Neuroscience professor, Julie Drawbridge, and the Hopewell Public Library on Wednesday April 4, 2018 at 7pm at the Hopewell Train Station for a discussion about personal DNA tests and what you can learn from them. Dr. Drawbridge will be offering mitochondrial DNA tests to up to ten interested participants.

A Mitochondrial DNA test tracks your matrilineal or mother’s-line heritage using the DNA in cellular compartments known as mitochondria. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down by the mother to all her children, both male and female. So, both men and women get information about their maternal lineage from a mitochondrial DNA test.

The Hopewell Public Library’s Wednesday Night Out talk series is held on the first Wednesday of each month. The talks are free and open to all – no registration is required. Due to the size limitations of the library building these talks are usually held at the Hopewell Train Station at 2 Railroad Place in Hopewell Borough. For more information, check or Facebook, or call 466-1625.

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