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Saddle up! Mercer County Stables offers trail rides

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Mercer County Stables will offer trail rides to the public each week through spring of 2022, weather permitting. The trail rides will take you through Mercer Meadows and require no lessons or previous riding experience.

Trail riding at Mercer County Stables was started in 2019 as an avenue to allow more people to experience horseback riding. “Some people believe that horseback riding is not for them, as it is thought to be out of reach and expensive,” said Aaron T. Watson, Executive Director of the Park Commission. “We offer trail rides for as little as $35 for 30 minutes, as we believe it is so beneficial for mind and spirit.”

“Our Park Commission continues to swing open the gate and invite and encourage park visitors to try new activities,” said Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes. “At the Stables, they do so by keeping fees within reach and offering tiered levels of participation.”

The number of visitors to the Stables has steadily increased over the past few years with the support of the Park Commission’s pricing and access initiative. “Hundreds of people have taken advantage of these low-cost outings,” said Christine Cardinal, Director of the Stables. “In order to accommodate interest, we expanded our schedule to include additional hours on Sundays and some evenings.”

Mercer County Stables sits on 243 acres made up of meadows, pastures and forested areas. It is located at 431 Federal City Road in Hopewell Township. The facility has been operated by the Park Commission since 1994 and has continuously expanded its offerings with recreational and therapeutic programs.

Trail rides are limited to people 12 years old and up, with a weight restriction of 220 pounds. Riders must be able to get on and off the horse without assistance. Boots are the preferred footwear. Riding helmets are provided by the Stables.

Rides are $35 for 30 minutes and $45 for 45 minutes. Reservations are required. Call (609) 730-9059, ext. 401. For more information, click here

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