Scotch Road Housing Issues Before Hopewell Township Committee and Planning Board Tonight

Scotch Road Housing Issues Before Hopewell Township Committee and Planning Board Tonight


The Hopewell Township Committee will be holding a special meeting tonight at 6:30pm, prior to the Planning Board meeting scheduled at 7pm at the Township Municipal Building.

The Committee will be considering, for the first reading, an ordinance authorizing the exchange of property with CF Hopewell CC&L LLC, an owner of parcels of land in the Scotch Road area of Hopewell Township and an intervener in the affordable housing litigation. CF Hopewell CC&L, LLC (“CF Hopewell”) owns and controls property on both the east side and the west side of Scotch Road and has committed to produce a substantial amount of affordable housing on its parcels by intervening in the proceedings, according to the ordinance.

This June, the Township and CF Hopewell structured an agreement and addendum with respect to the Township’s third round affordable housing (“fair share”) obligation and the number of affordable housing units/credits that will be produced on the CF Hopewell properties on the east and west side of Scotch Road.

As part of the Agreement, CF Hopewell will be convey the northern portion of Block 93, Lot 3.01 (120.85 acres) and the western portion of Block 93 Lot 6.01 (53.17 acres) to the Township of Hopewell for open space for the use and enjoyment of the public and the Township of Hopewell will deed and convey the Township’s property located at Block 93, Lots 5.01 and 5.02 on the Township’s Tax Map to CF Hopewell for use by CF Hopewell for the production low and moderate income affordable housing pursuant to the Mount Laurel line of cases and the Settlement Agreement and Addendum.

CF Hopewell has applied for preliminary and final subdivision approval for a lot line adjustment for lots 3.01 & 6.01 in Block 93 which, if granted, will create new lot 3.03 (174.02 acres) and new lot 6.02 (195.11 acres) in Block 93, as shown on a plan entitled “Preliminary/Final Plan of Major Subdivision, Lots 3.01 & 6.01, Block 93 of the lands of CF Hopewell CC & L LLC” as prepared by Van Note Harvey Associates and dated 11/8/2017 and it is new Lot 3.03 that will be deeded and conveyed by CF Hopewell to Hopewell Township.

CF Hopewell properties are also on the agenda for this evening’s planning board meeting at 7pm, specially the investigation into whether specific Lot 93, Lot 5.02. should be designated “in need of redevelopment.”

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  1. Is any portion of the land referenced in this article, that is earmarked for the low income housing, currently included in the land we pay taxes on for open space? If so, will the property taxes we are paying for that open space be reduced due to the land no longer being open space? Who do we contact in the township to find out what portion of the land being turned into low income housing will be reducing the actual amount of open space we all pay taxes on, as well as how much will that reduction be, and when can we expect to see that reduction in our tax bill? Thanks.


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