Sneak Peek at Brick Farm Tavern

I had the unique opportunity to get a peek at the not-yet-open Brick Farm Tavern and receive a tour of some of the farm operations by the Brick Farm Tavern and Brick Farm Market owner / farmer / business man / local economy supporter,  Jon McConaughy.

Jon, and his wife Robin, are the owners of several related businesses in the Hopewell area that all go hand-in-hand while employing individuals living in the Hopewell Valley community.

“Every local dollar has more of an impact in the local economy than money spent on products from elsewhere,” said McConaughey.

Double Brook Farm is where they grow vegetables and raise animals for meat and eggs.  They have an onsite slaughterhouse — only one of two USDA approved of such in the country — and raise animals for pork, beef, turkey, goat, lamb, chicken and, shortly, duck. The farmland is not all contiguous but it is all local in Hopewell Township with some right off of RT 518 and others off of Carter and Bayberry.

The Brick Farm Market, located in Hopewell Borough, offers for sale the vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, along with some delectable prepared foods and baked goods. The McConaughys also own the Off-Broad Street Theater and are two of the partners* responsible for the major and much-needed overhaul of the building.

And they own the Brick Farm Tavern, a soon-to-be-open restaurant that will make use of all the vegetables, meat, and eggs from the 650 acres that they farm locally to create a true farm-to-table experience. Recently, McConaughey explained part of his vision for the Tavern, along with the distillery and brewery that are slated to be on the property, when he appeared before the Hopewell Township zoning board. (See Cheers! Distillery and Brewery May Be Added to Hopewell’s Business Line-Up)

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Stay tuned to MercerMe for more about the Brick Farm Tavern, opening November 14th. Next up, we’ll meet the new chef and general manager!**

Chef and GM

*10/23/15: edit to reflect that McConaugheys are partners in the Off-Broad Street Theatre.

**10/23/15: Chef and GM are also partners in the Tavern.

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