Spotlight on Business: Fluid Physio

Dr. Gianna Bigliani

Fluid Physio, a local physical therapy practice, will be celebrating their first anniversary on November 2 at their Lawrenceville location at the Manors Shopping Mall. Fluid Physio is one of MercerMe’s 2018 business sponsors and their support helps fund community news. This is piece is part of a series written as a “thank you” to our 2018 business sponsors!

Fluid Physio

Titusville resident, Dr. Gianna Bigliani, is the lead physical therapist and owner of Fluid Physio.

“We choose to focus on manual therapy, using our hands to manipulate joints and work the muscle, soft tissues, fascia and scar tissue to create movement,” said Dr. Bigliani.

Throughout her Lawrenceville-Pennington Road office, you will find a wall filled with photos and letters from clients, many of whom are from our community, and all of whom have benefitted from the specialized physical therapy Bigliani offers. People experiencing limited range of motion, traditional athletes with sports related muscle trauma and injury, to those recovering from work-related injury, were all represented on that wall, sharing their positive results working with Fluid Physio.

A practicing physical therapist for over 11 years, this first anniversary represents a few accomplishments for Bigliani and her practice. Most importantly, her business is expanding and with that she has added an important state-of-the art-tool to her arsenal.

“We just invested in a deep tissue laser machine. It uses light to reduce muscle pain and inflammation for numerous musculoskeletal conditions. The laser speeds up healing on the cellular level, speeding up cell metabolism and not — only do the effects last longer  — but there is significant improvement in two or three session,” she said.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Bigliani fell in love with this area when she moved to Washington Crossing PA.

“I’m glad to be here (on the Jersey side) and raising my family as well as putting down business roots here,” she said. “I like everything about this area plus, we are very outdoorsy!”

Fluent in Spanish and Italian, with just enough French to keep someone in line, Dr. Bigliani, loves the sense of community she feels here in Hopewell Valley and seeks to get even more involved. Having just lead a community workshop on dealing with hip pain, Dr. Bigliani is actively looking for more opportunities to keep her community pain-free and strong.

“People in his area are socially conscious and positive.That’s what I want Fluid Physio to be: a friendly positive environment where people can be proactive about their health.” To that end, Fluid Physio has a patient of the month who is doing really well in their program. “It’s a way to encourage other patients,” she said.

When asked, Dr. Bigliani shared her thoughts about MercerMe. “I find MercerMe to be a place where people really care about the community and love and support the small businesses here. People can connect with local businesses and with each other,” she said.

Fluid Physio is located at 160 Lawrenceville-Pennington Road, Suite 16 in Lawrenceville NJ, 08648. For more information, see their website

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