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Support for Ruger and Kuchinski: Defending the integrity of Hopewell Township elections

by Community Contributor

To the Editor:

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of Democracy. Elections in Hopewell Township are safe, secure, and offer voters several convenient ways to make their vote count. Voters can vote by email (apply for a mail-in ballot here), vote early (October 28-November 5 at the Pennington Fire Company), or vote on Election Day (find your polling place here). There may have been some changes. Further, Mercer County implemented new and improved touch-screen voting machines for the 2022 election, where each ballet also will have a paper backup available.

Sowing unfounded doubt in the integrity of our elections is a dangerous game. The 2023 Republication candidates for Hopewell Township, after losing by double digits in the 2022 election, never conceded the race. Instead, they spent months posting about “concerns for election integrity” and showing up at the County Commissioners meetings railing that the election was rigged. Further, their 2022 campaign prominently featured their running mate Darius Mayfield, the candidate for Congress who was at the Capitol on January 6, and is an infamous 2020 election denier.

I am voting for Mayor Michael Ruger and Committeeman and Former Mayor Kevin Kuchinksi. Both are dedicated public servants who spend their time making life in Hopewell Township better for everyone by protecting and preserving open space, lowering the municipal tax rate by attracting new commercial taxpayers to the Township and helping to bring in millions of dollars of grant funding, and fostering community engagement by promoting a new food truck ordinance, building a bandshell in Woolsey Park, and making huge progress towards our new Senior and Community Center, set to break ground early next year.

Michael and Kevin are the proven leaders that Hopewell Township needs.

Bill Stolow
Hopewell Township

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