Suspicious Vehicle Prompts Building Freeze at Hopewell Elementary

    Hopewell Township Police Department responded to Hopewell Elementary School, on East Prospect Street in Hopewell Borough, for a report of a suspicious vehicle.  At approximately 1:25 pm, on September 16, 2015, Hopewell Elementary School (HES) was placed on a “building freeze” due to the close proximity of the vehicle to the school.

    “The vehicle is involved with an investigation from another jurisdiction,” stated Chief Lance Maloney of the Hopewell Township Police.

    Due to the nature of the investigation, Hopewell Township Police are not able to share further details about the vehicle and the indicators causing it to be suspicious.

    Police personnel remained with school administration as the vehicle was investigated.

    For clarification, a “lockdown” is when students and staff cannot leave the classroom or move about the inside of the building and a “freeze” is when students and staff cannot go outside but continue normal activities inside the building.

    After determining that there was no threat, the school dismissed under normal procedure at approximately 3:30 P.M. without incident. Police personnel remained on scene through dismissal as a precaution.

    “It was evident to me that our staff and students were well prepared for today, in part, because of the monthly safety drills we conduct,” said Principal David Friedrich in an email to the HES community. “Kudos to our students and staff for doing exactly what is taught and practiced during our drills. In addition, I wish to recognize our parents for their words of support shared with us. Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to thank Chief Lance Maloney and the entire Hopewell Township Police Department for their guidance and collaboration.”

    Based on the recommendation of the Hopewell Township Police, HES will be proceeding with a regular arrival tomorrow morning.

    “We are fortunate that we have an excellent working relationship with the Hopewell Township police and appreciate their expertise when it comes to protecting The residents of the Valley,” said Hopewell Valley Regional School District Superintendent Tom Smith. “In matters such as these, we tend to be overly cautious in an effort to ensure student safety.”


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