The Lenape and Their Ancestors in Hopewell Valley:  The View From The Hopewell Museum 

Dalton Type Spearpoint. About 9000 years old Hopewell Museum Collection

Presented by Ian Burrow, Ph. D., RPA

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – 7pm
In person at the Hopewell Theater, 5 South Greenwood, Hopewell, NJ
Or online virtual presentation via Zoom -> Register here for online only

American Indians have lived in the Hopewell area for at least 9,000 years. Volunteers and an intern have recently completed cataloging the approximately 2000 Indian artifacts in the Hopewell Museum collection. Much of the material was donated to the Museum by local collectors. Through the study of these artifacts, together other types of record, including historical sources, we are learning more about the ways of life of the people who lived here for so long. Ian Burrow is a professional archaeologist and a Trustee of the Hopewell Museum. Trained in the United Kingdom, he moved to the United States in 1988 after a 10-year career in England. From 1988 to 2015 he was Vice-President of Hunter Research, Inc. carrying out numerous archaeological projects in New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic. He lives in Hopewell Borough, and loves exploring Sourland Mountain, local history, and the menu at Chubby’s Luncheonette.

Hopewell Public Library “Wednesday Night Out” Series
Co-sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Historical Society and The Hopewell Museum

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