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Third Annual Hopewell Valley Day of Remembrance, Book Donations Accepted

by MercerMe Staff

Residents of Newtown Connecticut have again asked that the anniversary of their loss be one of acts of service and kindness in remembrance. “We ask that you consider performing an act of kindness or volunteering with a charitable organization in your local community.  In this way, we hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world,” from the website mysandyhookfamily.org.Two years ago, the Hopewell Valley Day of Remembrance webpage was created on Facebook to spread the word about how Hopewell Valley, as a community, could annually perform an act of kindness in memory of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Volunteers Annie Saunders and Kim Robinson began an annual book drive collection and donation towards this end.

In 2013, their effort resulted in at least 25 bags of books being donated to the P.J. Hill Elementary School in Trenton.  Shari Allen, a teacher at P.J. Hill, said, “My students were very excited to receive the books. Everyone will be excited to get a book to take home for the holidays.” The 2014 drive saw about ten bags of books donated to the Carroll Robbins Elementary School in Trenton, another ten to their newly opened Annex, and four boxes of baby books donated to the Laura Spelman Childcare Center on Olden Avenue.

The recipient school for this 2015 third annual drive will be chosen shortly, and Saunders, Robinson and helpers will be picking up books from front porches throughout Hopewell Valley on Sunday, December 13th, to be delivered on Monday, December 14th. Please box appropriate reading level books for elementary school readers. They should be in good shape (no used workbooks, broken spines, or objects obviously bound for recycling bins).

For Facebook users, if you are interested in donating books, visit the Somber Remembrance Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/hopewellvalleyremembrance and use the “Message button” to provide your address (Hopewell Valley only please).  For those not on Facebook, please contact Annie at [email protected] or Kim at [email protected] to schedule a pickup. For those that want to drop off prior to December 13th, Heidi Willenius will once again provide her covered front porch. Please email to get Heidi’s address. Drop offs to Heidi’s porch begin Dec 1.

Please “like” and share this article and the group’s Facebook page with your family and friends. #NeverForget

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