Want a good way to exercise and have fun with your family? Try disc golf!

Photo courtesy of www.pdga.com

Evan Schneider is a local resident with a passion and he is hoping to interest others in it too. He explained: “Disc Golf has been around since the 70’s believe it or not. The rules are basically the same as ball golf in the sense that you are trying to get strokes below par, only it is a disc,  not a ball and a basket, not a hole.”

Schneider also shared that there is a world-wide federation called the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), which holds local, national and world tournaments. “You may have seen recently a video from the world championships; the shot was the number 1 play on Sports Center that night,” he said. You can view the clip here. He further explained that courses are typically located at at municipal parks or land, “so we’d be considering things like Woolsey Park or Rosedale Park or possibly if we can get access, Washington Crossing State Park could be an option.”

The Hopewell Township Recreation Advisory Committee has given Schneider permission to assess interest in the Township investing in a disc golf course. He shared on Facebook: ‘I know a lot of folks might be interested as it is an inexpensive and fun way to get yourself, your kids, anyone you know out into nature to enjoy an activity that is the fastest growing sport in the country. If you are interested in helping make a course in the area a reality you can sign up to help as well. The form will take like a minute to fill out. Super short!” Click here for the form.

Photo courtesy of www.pdga.com

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