30th Annual Hopewell Harvest Fair contest winners list announced

The 30th annual Hopewell Harvest Fair was held on Saturday, September 24, on the grounds of the Hopewell Elementary School in Hopewell Borough. The Fair featured six contests, with something for everyone – from a bake-off to photography contests, Find Freddy human scavenger hunt and even a contest for man’s best friend. The Hopewell Harvest Fair Board of Trustees would like to extend special thanks to all the contest participants and the contest chairs who helped to make these contests possible.

BAKE OFF CONTEST: The Bake-Off Contest, chaired by Cristin Timoney, is the most delicious competition of the Harvest Fair where bakers can show off their talents in a variety of categories. Be on the look out for these delicious recipes in the 2017 Hopewell Harvest Fair Almanac!

Kids (12 and under) – No Bake Sweets

  • 1st – Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies by Sara Petrillo
  • 2nd – Peanut Butter Balls by Ben Gerstacker
  • 3rd – Simle Cracker Candy by Emilie Sawicki

Adults – Holiday Cupcakes or Cake Pops

  • 1st – Black Widow Cupcakes by Samantha McCraw

Adults – Sandwich Cookies

  • 1st – Oatmeal Cranberry Sandwich Cookies by Mary Kolb
  • 2nd – Custard Creemes by Samantha McCraw

Adults – Perfectly pumpkin

  • 1st – Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies by Samantha McCraw
  • 2nd – Pumpkin Pecan Bars by Samantha McCraw

HOMEGROWN CONTEST: Celebrating the true meaning of “harvest”, the Homegrown Contest allows local gardeners to exhibit the bounty of their gardens through a variety of categories that change each year. Kristin Rainy chaired the Homegrown Contest this year. Big & Beautiful Bounty:

  • Emilie Sawicki with a beautiful cherry tomato
  • Great Gourd: Colin Noble with his super giant zucchini!

KIDS’ ART & LEGO CONTEST: These contests are open to children from Pre-Kindergarten age up to 12th grade. While the participants are offered suggested themes, imagination is the key! The Kids’ Art & Lego Contest Chair for 2016 was Susan Pollara.

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST: If you are a hobbyist, enthusiast, technical perfectionist or creative artistic photographer, the Photography Contest is your place to shine! Ribbon prizes are awarded to the Adult and Youth Winners in a number of categories. Sarah Fuller once again chaired the Photography Contest this year.

Image Credit: Mary Galioto
Image Credit: Mary Galioto


  • 1st: Mary G. (Pssst! That’s MercerMe’s publisher, Mary Galioto!)
  • 2nd: Michael R.
  • 3rd: Janice S.
  • 1st Youth: Molly F.
  • 2nd Youth: Eleanor F.
  • 3rd Youth: Emily F.


  • 1st: Phillip A.
  • 2nd: Mary G.
  • 3rd: Janice S.
  • 1st Youth: Sachi S.
  • 2nd Youth: Carter L.
  • 3rd Youth: Carter L.


  • 1st: Christina L.
  • 2nd: Chloe F.
  • 3rd: Janice S.
  • 1st Youth: Carter L.
  • 2nd Youth: Emily S.
  • 3rd Youth: Sachi S.


  1. 1st: Phillip A.
  2. 2nd: Janice S.
  3. 3rd: Chloe F.
  4. 1st Youth:  Sachi S.
  5. 2nd Youth: Kitty B.
  6. 3rd Youth: Molly F.


  • 1st: Chloe F.
  • 2nd: Mia S.
  • 3rd: Phillip A.
  • 1st Youth: Emily F.
  • 2nd Youth: Sachi S.
  • 3rd Youth: Carter L.

FIND FREDDY: A human scavenger hunt, chaired by Heidi Wilenius, has been a Hopewell Harvest Fair tradition for many years. The object of the hunt is to find Freddy the Frog and as many of his friends as possible in one hour. Both the clues (who dress up as any type of “character” they’d like) and the contestants, who search out the clues across the Harvest Fairgrounds, have a blast!

FREDDY winners:

Adult/Child Team

  • FIRST Keith & Amelia Hovey
  • SECOND Ben Gerstacker & Susan Shipe
  • THIRD Mackenzie & John Harsell


  • FIRST Amy Gerstacker
  • SECOND Lorraine & Jack Seabrook
  • THIRD Bryn Whiteley & Tom Seabrook


  • FIRST Colin Noble & Jake Richter
  • SECOND Sophia Chin
  • THIRD Elizabeth Downie


  • Most Stunningly Sensational – Emily Muschinske as Frida Khalo
  • Most Fabulously Fantastic – Bob Milwicz as The Man From Up, Clue was “A Real UP Man”
  • Most Radically Ridiculous – Rachel Springer as a Crazy Cat Kid
  • Most Cunningly Creative – Phillip Altobelli and his dog as as “I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain”

Honorable Mentions

  • Alex Lebaw – A Zombie – Clue was  “Walking Dead”
  • Brian Peterson –  Pirate – Clue was “Give me an ARRRRRRR”
  • Marcus & Erik Carsky Wilson – Thing One & Thing Two – Clue was “Friends of the Cat in the Hat” Elizabeth Muessing – Vegetable Lady – Clue Was “Get 5-9 and You’ll Feel Fine”

DOGGIE DRESSUP CONTEST: Not to forget our furry friends, costumed dogs were judged on a variety of factors, on their costumes and then participated in a parade around the Fair!

The Harvest Fair Contests provide the community a fun way to showcase talents and add even more fun and excitement to an already fun day! If you are interested in helping bring one of these contests to life or helping develop a new contest, the Harvest Fair Board would like to hear from you: info@hopewellharvestfair.org

Thanks again to one and all who made this year’s event a success.

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