Area in Need of Redevelopment Hearing in Hopewell Boro to be continued in August

    Hopewell Borough’s public hearing regarding the preliminary investigation of “Area in Need of Redevelopment,” first heard on June 1, 2016, has been postponed to the Hopewell Borough Planning Board’s August meeting.

    Last month, the planning board held a public hearing on the Borough’s proposal to designate two areas in the Borough as being “in need of redevelopment.” Area A is in the northeast part of town, situated on the southern side of the railroad tracks on Railroad Place and Somerset Street and includes the large “Hopewell 57” building and surrounding lots. Area B is comprised of three parcels with common ownership that includes the “Castoro” Shell gas station at 71 East Broad Street, with frontage on East Broad Street, Maple Street and Columbia Avenue.

    The next planning board meeting will be August 3, 2016 at 7:30 at Hopewell Borough Hall on East Broad Street.

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    1. The houses along Somerset St—why have they been abandoned? Why have the 2 houses next to the stream, been demolished? Why has someone constructed a ‘pumping station’ in their place? Why has nothing ever been built on the northern side of Somerset St.?

      What’s wrong with the old ‘Kooltronics’ (#57)? I know organizations that have sought it out, only to change their mind.

      I can’t go to the planning board meeting tonight b/c I’m in a power chair.The sidewalks have breaks and I usually only go out with someone else to direct traffic.

      Will David Mackie accompany me?

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