Historic Resources Along Pipeline Route Analyzed by Hopewell Township

Hopewell Township has identified several farmsteads and historically significant elements of the Township landscape in preparation to offer further reasons for opposition to the PennEast pipeline.

David Blackwell from the Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission presented the commission’s analysis of potentially effected areas along the current proposed pipeline route and found that the map identifies potential interference with some historic properties or landscapes.

Blackwell stated, “We, the historic commission, are not here to say that there is any direct conflict or that the pipeline is going through a building but we don’t know that at this point.”

The map below is meant to serve as a planning document to offer guidance to the Township when discussing with FERC and PennEast about the location or relocation of the PennEast pipeline. The lines in blue represent historic 1875 farm boundaries which were used to identify the location of historic farms, said Blackwell.

Historic Resources along PennEast Route

This is the list of properties identified on the map.

list of historic township properties

Members of the Township Committee inquired at the meeting how this information could be used to help prevent the development of the PennEast pipeline.

“It all becomes part of the analysis,” said Steve Goodell, Township attorney. “FERC needs to understand the historic nature of the area and this information needs to be part of the analysis — some areas we have are wetlands, some have slops, some have historic sites — and we need to continue to develop this type of information.”

The Committee also discussed the historical significances of the scenic valleys and vistas that are iconic of Hopewell Township and hope to include information about those as well in the information provided to FERC.

As MercerMe has previously reported, Hopewell Township continues to wait to find out whether FERC will be granting scoping meetings.

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