Hopewell Fire Department Celebrates New Rescue Pumper Truck (VIDEO)

    Hopewell Fire Department celebrated their long-awaited rescue pumper truck on Tuesday evening, replacing the prior 26 year old model.

    “Typically, apparatus, such as this, are replaced at about the 20-year mark. We decided to stretch that out to 2[6] years,” said Joe Novak,¬†Chief of the Hopewell Borough Fire Department, who explained that the Hopewell Fire Department covers not only Hopewell Borough but is primarily responsible for a third of Hopewell Township, working alongside Pennington and Titusville.¬†“At the time that truck was originally designed, it met our needs well. However, as time goes on, the amount of equipment we need to cover the vast variety of calls we run greatly increases so the compartment layouts change and equipment is placed in areas just because it fits and not so much because it makes tactical sense. The current apparatus was also not designed to carry the weight we have added to it and, as a result, the frame has cracked twice and had to be repaired. So we have had to remove some of the equipment we would otherwise like to carry on the truck.”

    The new truck, at the time of the ballot question cost, $675K to replace the rescue pumper, but comes with twice the water carrying capacity increasing from 500 to 1000 gallons.

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