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Hopewell Township Passes Right-of-Way Easement at Diverty and Denow

by Madeline Ference

The Hopewell Township Committee passed an ordinance accepting a right-of-way easement from PSE&G, but not without some pushback from the public.

At its June 25 meeting, the Committee voted on the long-debated topic of the easement connecting Diverty and Denow Roads. While the ordinance passed 3-1, the Committee was urged by many members of the public to postpone voting until a later date.

“If you don’t know whether you’re going to build the road or not, I urge this committee to simply not vote at this time and let this ordinance die,” said resident and former Township mayor Harvey Lester. “PSE&G does not control the Township, the Township controls the Township.”

Although the Committee moved forward in passing the ordinance, they explained that they will first look into alternative solutions for entering and exiting those roads before construction of the easement. In passing the ordinance, the Committee reminded the public that passage of the ordinance does not guarantee construction in the future, but merely allows the possibility of it.

“I think tonight is keeping a door open and not shutting any,” said Committee member Kristin McLaughlin.

While the discussion of the easement took up most of the meeting, Andrew Borders, who attended the meeting as a resident, took the stand in order to respond to comments from a Committee member from the June 11 meeting when he was appointed to the Hopewell Township Zoning Board.

“We were told at our last meeting that I have an agenda, but I don’t see wanting our community to thrive and be relevant and be a positive example of what a 21st century American community looks like as some personal agenda,” Borders said. “While I want to give my voice to my generation, I’m not here to put down anybody else’s.”

The Committee also introduced an ordinance relating to the extension of the consent for Comcast television services and also an ordinance regarding a financial agreement with the U.S Home at Hopewell Urban Renewal, LLC for a redevelopment project.

Both these ordinances will be open for public comment at the committee’s next meeting on July 30.

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