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Hopewell Township’s New Affordable Housing on Scotch Road: 26 Units for Local Families

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After a decade of discussions and planning, a significant affordable housing project has been completed in Hopewell Valley. Homes by TLC, HomeFront, and Lennar announce the grand opening of 26 new affordable homes within Lennar’s Hopewell Parc residential development on Scotch Road in Hopewell Township.

Press Release

Homes by TLC, HomeFront, and Lennar proudly announce the grand opening of 26 new units of affordable homes for low-income and working local families, situated within Lennar’s Hopewell Parc residential development on Scotch Road. This collaborative effort marks the 23rd affordable housing project for Homes by TLC, a local agency dedicated to constructing, developing, and operating affordable homes for working families, in partnership with HomeFront, a Lawrence-based nonprofit committed to ending homelessness and breaking the cycle of poverty. 

“How exciting – 26 new homes are ready for families to move in!  Our partnership with Lennar could not have gone better and we are humbled by the support from our generous donors and Wells Fargo,” commented Homes by TLC founding Executive Director Celia Bernstein.

The Hopewell Parc residential development is the 23rd affordable housing project for Homes by TLC, a local agency committed to the construction, development, and operation of affordable homes for working families. HomeFront, which is a Lawrence nonprofit with a mission to end homelessness and break the cycle of poverty, partners with Homes by TLC to provide wraparound services including job training, support for children, life skills, access to groceries and basic necessities and much more. This partnership exemplifies a holistic approach to community well-being, ensuring that residents not only have a place to call home but also the support they need to thrive and succeed.  

The official Hopewell Parc Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place on May 17.  At the event, HomeFront CEO Sarah Steward welcomed the attendees stating, “Many of you know that we are in the business at Homes by TLC and HomeFront of hope, of magnifying hope, of convincing people that things are possible.  Days like today get me so excited because I don’t have to try and convince somebody it’s possible, you can see it. You are standing in the shadow of what is possible and that is a very gratifying place to be in with all of you who helped make that possible today.”

The project represents a remarkable collaboration between the non-profit and private sectors to address the critical need for affordable housing in the region. Through innovative design, sustainable construction practices, and a shared commitment to community welfare, Homes by TLC, HomeFront and Lennar are delivering tangible solutions to combat homelessness and housing insecurity. Those living in the 26 apartments will pay no more than 30% of the income on rent, according to HomeFront.

The beautiful new three-story apartment building complex contains four one-bedroom units, sixteen two-bedroom units, and six three-bedroom units. Each unit in the development has been meticulously designed to provide comfortable and sustainable living spaces while remaining affordable for families impacted by poverty and homelessness. The collaboration between Homes by TLC and HomeFront reflects a shared commitment to creating inclusive communities where everyone has access to safe, stable, and affordable housing.

Mitchell Newman, Vice President of Land for Lennar’s NJ/NY Division shared, “Lennar is honored to have the opportunity to partner with Homes by TLC and HomeFront to make this new 26 home affordable building within our Hopewell Parc community become a reality! This was a cooperative public private effort involving the Township, the County, and many other governmental agencies to make this happen.”

For a family to afford a modest two-bedroom home in Mercer County they must earn an hourly wage of $33.50, far more than the states average wage of $24.40 or the current minimum wage of $15.13, according to this year’s annual Out of Reach report conducted by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition. At minimum wage, an individual would need to work 95 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent of $1,742. 

Private anonymous funders, along with support from the Wells Fargo Foundation, played a pivotal role in making this project a reality. Wells Fargo expressed their commitment to community development, stating, “As the Bank of Doing, Wells Fargo is addressing housing affordability from every angle,” says Wanda Saez, Lead Community Impact & Sustainability Specialist for Wells Fargo in New Jersey. “We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to have a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. That is why we are so proud of our partnership with Homes by TLC. Together, we are doing the work to move people into quality homes, like this facility in Hopewell Parc.”  

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