Hopewell Twp Police Warn: Scam Turned into a Burglary

According to information from the Hopewell Township Police Department, on Monday, January 22, 2018 at 4:45pm, officers responded to a residence on Washington Crossing Pennington Road on the report of a burglary and theft.

The victim stated that she was at home when a Hispanic male (described as in his 20’s, approximately 5 feet tall with dark hair and a beard) knocked on her door. The man told her he was there to return money to her because his company had done work on the house in the past and she was overcharged. He handed her a $100.00 dollar bill and asked her for $50.00 dollars back and a receipt. As she was getting the money, a second Hispanic male (described as older and approximately 6 feet tall with a dark heavy beard) entered the house and asked to use the bathroom. He then walked into her bedroom and stole over $300.00 in cash. When confronted, both men ran from the house and drove eastbound on Washington Crossing Pennington Road in a white pickup truck.

Officers had also responded to a scam situation on Pennington Harbourton Road approximately thirty minutes prior. The same two subjects knocked on a man’s door and told him he needed to have his driveway sealed. He refused their services and they left. The descriptions of the men and the vehicle were identical.

Anyone with information on the subjects is asked to call the Department at 609-737-3100 ext 0.

Residents are cautioned to be aware of these scams by people soliciting for business in this manner.

Residents are urged to call 9-1-1 immediately to report suspicious activity.


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  1. People, please be careful who you open your door to and let into your house! These types of scams and robberies are growing more and more popular as towns start accepting “undocumented workers” into their neighborhoods, and calling their towns “sanctuary cities”. All you have to do is a simple search on Google, and you will find these types of scams and robberies are on the rise in areas where people have posted the “Hate has no home here” signs. Hate may have no home here, but criminals do! If you see someone at your door that you do not know, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Tell the people that you are calling the police, and tell them that if they have a real, credible reason to be at your house, then they should have no problem waiting for the police to arrive to check them out. If the people are legitimate, and have business with you, then they will say ok, I’ll wait. Anyone who is a criminal will leave and run away. Hopewell is no longer a town full of “puppies and sunshine” like it was 30 years ago. Bad people are taking advantage of the good natured people who live here. We can’t afford to be that way anymore. Please be careful out there.

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