Hopewell Valley Arts Council prescribes a daily dose of art

"Fantasy Bug, Figure 2" Carol Lipson, HV Arts Council

Bring some creativity and imagination into your time at home and put some positive energy out into the world with the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s “Daily Dose of Art” — ideas for small art projects to take your mind to another place (and entertain bored kids).

“It is a ‘daily dose’ of art therapy to rejuvenate your soul and spark your creativity,” said Carol Lipson, HV Arts Council executive director.

Since March 14 and ongoing, HV Arts Council is posting a daily project idea on their website that one can make their own. Each project requires everyday items and few supplies other than scissors, paper, glue, and markers or paint.

“This isn’t about making a masterpiece, it’s about having a little fun and exploring your creativity,” said Lipson. “Try to save things like cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, and bottle tops for use on future projects. And, if you don’t have something, improvise!”

The Daily Dose of Art will continue until schools are able to reopen and can be found at www.hvartscouncil.org​. Follow @HVArtsCouncil on Facebook or Instagram to get Daily Dose projects right in your social media feed. Please share your creations on social media #HVArtsDailyDose or email info@hvartscouncil.org.

“We hope you will have fun and start to look forward to your ‘dose of art’ each day as we heal as our community, our nation, our world,” said Lipson.

Additional COVID-related projects and programs are being organized by the HV Arts Council. Please visit their website at ​www.hvartscouncil.org​ for information and to participate.

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to increasing art awareness and appreciation in the greater Hopewell Valley. We celebrate “art in the everyday” by cultivating all types of creative exploration and artistic expression, and encourage us all to see the beauty inherent in the simple and ordinary parts of day-to-day life. Through community collaborations, events, and art-based initiatives, the HV Arts Council highlights our local talents and enriches the cultural and creative life of our community.

Submitted by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.

Disclaimer: Mary Galioto is the PR & Media Coordinator for the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.

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