HPL Presents Paradise on the Hudson: The Creation, Loss, and Revival of a Gilded Age Garden

Untermyer Garden (photo courtesy of HPL)
Local author, Caroline Seebohm, will join the Hopewell Public Library for Paradise on the Hudson: The Creation, Loss, and Revival of a Gilded Age Garden, a talk about the preservation of the famous Untermyer Garden in Yonkers, NY, as well as other preserved American and English gardens. The talk will be at 7pm on Wednesday, June 5, at the Hopewell Theater.
Few people today have ever heard of him, but in the early years of the twentieth century, Samuel Untermyer took on the rich, the entrenched establishment, the robber barons, and the most powerful corporations in America. He also turned his estate into one of the most extensive and ambitious gardens of the Gilded Age. Located on the banks of the Hudson, it boasted extravagant structures based on Greek models, 60 greenhouses, and a staff of 60 gardeners. After Untermyer’s death, the garden went into a steep decline, until a restoration program brought a significant part of the original gardens back to their former glory. In Paradise on the Hudson, seasoned writer and garden historian Caroline Seebohm shares all this and more, telling a fascinating story of a dazzling Gilded Age garden created, lost, and re-found.
Caroline Seebohm is author of many books, including Rescuing Eden, The Man Who Was Vogue: Conde Nast, Private Landscapes, and others. She is also a journalist, biographer, and researcher whose works include illustrated books, magazine articles, biographies, and a memoir. She is an authority on traditional English and American decorating and decorators.
All Hopewell Public Library talks are free and open to the public.  The talks are often held at the Hopewell Theater, 5 S.Greenwood Ave. in Hopewell Borough. For more information, check the HPL website at www.redlibrary.org, Facebook, or call the library at 609-466-1625.

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