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HVRSD considers new schedule

by Community Contributor

The following letter was sent to Hopewell Valley Regional School District families November 11:

Dear Hopewell Valley Families:

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District is in the process of evaluating the next phase of our return to school planning. We assembled a committee of parents, staff members and students to review our progress and to determine next steps.  Based on survey data and committee feedback, the following recommend changes will be reviewed and considered for implementation by the Board of Education at their November 16 Regular Meeting: 

CHS Revisions 

  • The daily class schedules will be adjusted.  The afternoon remote portion of the schedule will move from four, 25-minute periods to two, 45-minutes periods.  The CHS schedule will transition to a rotating drop schedule (similar to our pre-COVID schedule). Specifics will be shared by the building principal. 
  • The A/B cohorts will remain in place.
  • The in-person (early dismissal) and remote daily structure and start and end times will remain the same.
  • Review recitation for effectiveness during hybrid schedule and/or time in the day
  • The CHS changes will be implemented when we return from Thanksgiving break. A transition day will be provided on November 30, and the new schedule will begin on December 1.

TMS Schedule

  • Schedule will remain –  Recent student and staff survey results indicate a preference to keep the schedule as it is.
  • Review FLEX time  for effectiveness during hybrid schedule and/or time in the day.

Pre K -5  Recommended Revisions

  • Full virtual students will remain virtual and receive 5 days of live instruction.
  • Hybrid students will attend school 5 days each week (no more A/B cohorts).
  • In order to maintain small in-person class sizes additional staff will be added, so student’s homeroom teachers may change.
  • The in-person (early dismissal) and remote daily structure (including the lunch break)will remain the same.
  • Specifics of the daily schedule will be shared by your building principal.
  • Special Education and Preschool schedules will remain the same. 
  • The Remote Learning Centers will be closed; however the Y Gap and After Care programs will remain.
  • The schedule changes will be implemented after the winter break, on January 3, 2021

In light of these proposed changes, we are providing families with an opportunity to reevaluate their child’s education program.  

  • If you would like for your child to move from the full remote to the hybrid program or from the hybrid program to being fully remote, please complete this form by November 25
  • Please complete this form even if you have already contacted your building principal .  
  • You will also have the option to select transportation.   
  • Only complete the form if you want to change your current program. 

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your child’s placement or program, please contact your building principal. 

Thomas A. Smith, Ed. D.Superintendent of Schools
[email protected]

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