Letter to the Editor: Did you forget the truth again?

To the Editor:

The phrase “consider the source” has never been more important when the letter to the editor that you are reading is authored by Hopewell Township Democrats’ political Campaign Manager Peter Sandford.

Arguably, Manager Sandford is the most partisan and least credible person in Hopewell Township.

He has long-established his ability for making false statements.

Despite the likelihood that no fair-minded person in Hopewell Township would believe what he says, I am compelled to remind the public of simple facts in response to his false attack against me in his recent letter to the editor, which he imaginatively entitled “Bluffing through the Debate.”

In his letter, Peter Sandford wrote, among other false statements, “readers will remember that in 2015 Lester notoriously switched parties to become mayor.”  Readers will not be able to remember Mr. Sandford’s claim because it is simply not true.  However, readers may remember that he made the same false claim in a letter to the editor last year entitled “Beware Lester’s Twisted Words” (Letters to the Editor: Week of November 2, 2017, part 3).

Readers may also remember my response in my letter to the editor last year, which was entitled “Letter Rebutting Beware Lester’s Twisted Words” (Letters to the Editor: Week of November 6, 2017), which I do not mind repeating in hopes that Peter Sandford will once and for all correct his imaginative memory.  Once again, did you forget, Mr. Sandford, that I was a registered Democrat in January, 2015 when I was voted mayor by the majority of the 2015 Hopewell Township Committee? Perhaps you could jog your memory by researching any of our local news sources, including MercerMe. As you do so, you will remember that I remained a registered Democrat until mid-March, 2015, so I could not have ‘switched parties to become mayor’ because I was already mayor BEFORE I switched parties. Does the truth come back to you now or do you chose to continue to shred your credibility?”

Readers may also rightfully conclude that Peter Sandford is not interested in the truth because he is more interested in promoting Democrats by any available means.

Harvey Lester,

Titusville, NJ

Hopewell Township Mayor Changes Political Party Midstream

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