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Letter to the Editor: Questioning Fiscal Discipline in Hopewell Township

by Community Contributor

To the Editor of MercerMe:

Mayor Sandom and her 2014 Tax Increase of 7%. Mayor Sandom and her 2014 tax increase of 7%. Mayor Sandom and her 2013 tax increase of 5.3%.

Why is it so hard for some “residents” to remember those simple facts? Oh, wait, those residents are us-versus-them, our party do-or-die, dyed-in-the-wool township Democrat leaders.

Mayor Kuchinsky and his 2017 emergency fund grab of 34%.

Again, the expected group makes the expected distortions along with the expected mean-spirited attack in the expected letter to the editor (Residents offer support of Hopewell Township budget).

These are not just “residents,” but the Democrats’ campaign manager for the last 3 election cycles; Democrat municipal county committee members, both current and former; as well as other committed township Democrats.

Who else would call raiding our rainy day fund “fiscal discipline?” Who else would call an almost 2% tax increase “lower taxes?”

In the future, when we need the $4 million in our emergency fund that Mayor Kuchinsky and his team are spending on a close to 6% spending increase, which is over 2 times the rate of inflation, we will look back on this risky budget and wonder how a small group of political partisans got away with it.

Harvey Lester

Hopewell Township

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