Letter to the Editor: Scotch Road Development Has Begun

To the Editor:

Did you know that Scotch Road development has begun? Is this the beginning of the Scotch Road Town Center in our rural valley? 1,000 or even 500 acre Jacob’s Creek village? Animal shelter?

At a special meeting on October 19, the Hopewell Township Planning Board fast-tracked a proposal to re-zone almost all of the east-side of Scotch Road from “office park” to “a walkable mixed use setting” with hardly any member of the public present.

At the regular planning board meeting on October 27, the Planning Board voted to recommend the zoning change to the Township Committee. That’s 8 days from initial introduction to development re-zoning recommendation. No traffic study. No economic impact report. No school enrollment study.

The fast-track was so fast that it violated a 10-day public notice requirement, which apparently voided the Planning Board’s recommendation. That’s why, having given lawful public notice, the Planning Board will again hold a public hearing on its re-zoning recommendation at the regular planning board meeting THIS THURSDAY, November 17.

Harvey Lester,

Titusville, NJ 08560


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  1. Sounds like more of the same type of thing our Planning Board has done over the many years since we moved here in 1968! Am sure all will come out into the open & will be discussed, but one can never be sure of fairness or transparency!

  2. HAHAHA the party flip-flopping ex-mayor was the contributor. Sounds like sour grapes.

    People in the valley need to wake up. For a Township that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, everyone acts and sounds like Trump, basically wanting a wall around the Township. It was OK for you all to move here in the 90’s during the last population boom, but now it IS NOT OK for anyone else to move into your neighborhood. Oh, and heaven forbid those people aren’t as wealthy as you and their homes are under 4,000sf. Apartments are the devil!

    The smartest thing this Township can do is what they just did in this article; infill the Bank of America Office Park and the Capital Health Hospital. Leave the west side of Scotch untouched. The BoA parcel is on the southern most edge of the Township and is already being used. This site is bordered by a highway and a road (Scotch Rd) which is basically a highway itself. I would much rather see our Township grow in this one small area for the next 20 or so years than infill all of the more beautiful natural areas further to the North. We would be creating another Pennington Boro-type town and would be preserving almost everything else.

    The type of growth that took place in the 90’s is what killed Hopewell. Sprawl development causes traffic and eats up more and more land, which is brutally evident by the zoning laws requiring massive acres for construction of new homes. These sprawled homes cost the town more in infrastructure costs and repairs due to their spread out locales and provide less tax revenue.

    Now is the time to learn from our mistakes and do things the right way. Hire a world-class New Urbanist planning team to do a public Charrette process and have the entire community together design a town center that the residents would be proud of and want to live in. If we do this correctly, we can preserve the other 99% of our rural Township while creating another vibrant downtown that helps contribute to the tax base.

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