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Letters to the MercerMe Editor Round-Up

by Mary Galioto

Thanks to our readers for submitting the following letters to the editor, and thanks to the readers for reading them!

Letter to the Editor: Save the Sourlands while having fun at Sourland Music Festival

How often do we get to do good while having a blast? Pretty rare but there is an opportunity coming up.

Most of your readers will know and appreciate the Sourland Mountain – in many ways it is one of the defining features of our area, a green gem, rich in history as well as an invaluable ecosystem. Sadly, this jewel is under threat from many sources, including over-development, pipelines, invasive species and too many deer.

Local residents are fighting back, however, and supporting efforts by the likes of the Sourland Conservancy to protect the Sourlands. Which brings us to the fun! On Saturday, June 23… (click here to read more).

Letter to the Editor: We have a right to hear the answers

Hopewell Township Committee supporters use simple-sounding arguments.  They say that the Township Committee works hard (mostly true); are volunteers (nearly true, they receive a small, taxable salary); that the township will be healthier by meeting its affordable housing obligations (unquestionably true); and that the affordable housing alternatives were too expensive or impractical (almost certainly not true).

When asked last week at the Township Committee meeting to detail what alternatives the administration considered… (click here to read more).

Letter to the Editor: Hopewell Township needs to adapt to thrive

At its May 14 meeting, the Hopewell Township Committee held a work session to talk about the possibility of permitting alcohol in township parks during a small number of community-wide events. The discussion at the meeting was preliminary so that the committee could examine, in the public space, if it were to grant such event permits, how it would do so in a way that would safeguard our community while allowing our neighbors and visitors to have a beer or some wine while enjoying our outdoor spaces together. The committee opted to gather more information, so no decisions were made.

As a Hopewell Township resident, I see the community events and festivals that could… (click here to read more).



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