LTE: A major majority rules the Township

To the Editor:

Government and politics are certainly different concepts. Government is established with laws that work fairly for everyone in our country, or at least I hope it does. Politics is one that shapes the direction of a political party, and we certainly are experiencing that at this time.

I want to bring the aspect of “politics” to everyone’s attention. In Hopewell Township we have five committee members who represent us, the voters. I feel that there should be three committee members from one political party and two committee members from another party. You may say “why”? I feel that a “major majority”, four or five members from the same political party, totally rules the township without any possible challenges. That is why we must always have a “split” between the two political parties. This helps represent ALL of the voters in Hopewell Township. 

It makes it important that all points, all fiscal spending and laws are looked over very closely, not just a preestablished decision of a “major majority” in office. In many cases, items can easily be agreed upon by the committee members. BUT in some issues the decision has to be totally evaluated and debated in order for the final decision to be made. This certainly affects all of the voting citizens of Hopewell Township.

I ask all voters in Hopewell Township to step back and evaluate what I have just said. It makes no difference if you are a member of a political party or, like me, unaffiliated in a political party. This “vote” is very important for everyone in our township. Let’s make Hopewell Township’s government run properly for everyone in our community. Please vote on Tuesday November 8.

Jim Burd,
Titusville, NJ 

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