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LTE: A proven environmental record

by Community Contributor

To the Editor:

Having lived in Hopewell Township since 2001, I have gotten used to the amazing natural beauty of Hopewell Valley. However, we all need to do our part in preserving our beautiful natural surroundings. I am so glad local organizations are working diligently to conserve our habitat.  One such organization is Hopewell Township’s Democratic Party. 

While reading about energy conservation in our neighborhood, I learned that Hopewell Township recently won the New Jersey Solar Challenge. Our Township installed more solar panels per capita than any community in New Jersey through the work done by the Hopewell Township Democratic Party.  

Some other accomplishments of the party include achieving the Tree City USA status and winning a Sustainable Jersey grant for recycling Styrofoam. I am hopeful that the Sustainable Jersey grant will give us an option to effectively recycle Styrofoam, a plastic not currently picked up in our County program.

I am thrilled that the party has adopted state-of-the-art approaches for minimizing light pollution through an updated Township lighting ordinance. At the same time, the revised law maximizes energy efficiency and safety through best practices in design and technology.  I also appreciate the party’s work on stopping the Penn East pipeline and especially lobbying FERC leadership against this project.  

Based on these achievements and values, I wholly trust the Hopewell Township Democratic Party to enable our communities to embrace the culture of reducing, reusing, and recycling. I am proud to support Democratic candidates Courtney Peters-Manning and David Chait for election to the Hopewell Township Committee this year. I encourage all who want to keep Hopewell Township a green and beautiful place to live to support Courtney and David in the November 8 election.


Shobhan Sabnis,
Hopewell Township

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