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LTE: From Krista Weaver running for Hopewell Borough Council

by Mary Galioto

To the Editor,

I am running for the Hopewell Borough Council because I believe we need a fresh voice in our town’s leadership to face the challenges and opportunities that are in store for us. I have been agitating for change in the borough’s approach to traffic control since moving to Hopewell four years ago because I believe the Borough Council faces no more urgent issue. Unfortunately, it took a tragic accident last year to convince some members of our Borough’s leadership to take even modest action. 

I worked with a group of volunteers to press for that action and currently chair the borough’s official Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee. My fellow committee members and I share a vision for Hopewell that respects the many users of our roads by incorporating sensible traffic calming measures to protect pedestrians of all ages, bicyclists, shoppers, diners, and all residents of our community. We believe our vision will benefit businesses by reinvigorating public spaces and encouraging foot traffic. The next council member will play a key role in choosing whether to adopt that vision. 

I also believe we can do more to make our public spaces accessible to those with disabilities, make it easier for residents to add dwelling units to their properties, and encourage smarter development that would allow for a more diverse citizenry. I think we should act to ensure residents in our town store guns safely. Grant funding is available to help finance many of these initiatives as we work to keep taxes down in the face of rising costs.

Last, I am running because I know many of my neighbors share my frustration about the way some of their concerns and ideas have been dismissed in the past. I think we should turn the page on that attitude together and make sure we have a government that hears all of its citizens and embraces their best ideas. 

I am asking all Hopewell Borough Democrats who share my vision to vote for me in our primary election on June 7. I am also asking unaffiliated voters, who may choose a party and cast their ballots at Borough Hall on June 7, consider participating in this election as well. To learn more, please visit my website: www.weaverforhbcouncil.com


Krista Weaver for Hopewell Borough Council
Hopewell Borough / Hopewell, NJ

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