LTE: Pennington Primary – another response to Marciante

I am writing to weigh in on the upcoming election for Pennington Democratic Committee members. I am on the ballot in District 3. 

I am a 30-year resident of Pennington, am active in the community, and have served on the Pennington Democratic Committee for about 7 years. Currently all members of Pennington Borough Council are Democrats. The Committee meets about every 6 weeks to discuss how we can be of service to the town as well as county and state Democrats. When a Democrat has stepped down, as recently occurred with our Mayor and Councilmember Mills, we are tasked with finding candidates to fill the roles. We also aid the Mayor in finding members for the various volunteer Borough committees, a task for which we have had great success recently.

During the time I have served on the Committee, we have repeatedly asked all members of the Borough Council to join our meetings to discuss how best we can serve and to solicit their input when open positions have arisen. We genuinely want to include everyone in the decision making. Never has Chico Marciante even responded to our invitations, let alone attend a meeting, or suggest qualified candidates for the roles we have to fill. 

Pennington is a small town, and finding candidates to fill open roles can be a challenge. The current Committee is a group of six people who are committed to Pennington, work well together, and take our responsibilities seriously. While Mr. Marciante has complained that he didn’t have an adequate “choice” to replace Councilmember Mills, he never responded to our requests to help us find candidates. And now he is fielding a slate to replace us because he doesn’t like the choices we brought to the Council. Nothing in our method this time was different in any way from how we did our job to replace Mayor Lawver, and others before. Our candidate, Kati Angarone, has expertise in environmental issues, and jumped in immediately with her knowledge, it seems, to the dismay of Mr. Marciante.

Ms. Angarone is on the ballot in November to be elected to the role for which she was appointed, a member of Pennington Council. If the residents of Pennington are unhappy with her, as it seems Mr. Marciante is, they can elect someone else. 

I think we are very lucky to have Ms. Angarone, and hope she serves Pennington for a long time. I heartily endorse her for Borough Council. I also ask you to support write-in candidate James L. Creegan for Council.  And please re-elect the hardworking incumbent Democrats on the Committee, Dan Pace and Carol Cole in District 1, Nadine Stern and James L Creegan in District 2, and Arthur Firestone and me in District 3. 

Thank you, Reba Holley

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