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LTE: Pennington Primary – response to Nadine Stern

by Community Contributor

I have read Nadine Stern’s attempt to mislead the voters in the upcoming Democratic Primary, in which she states her response reflects the entire present committee. Ms. Stern claims the committee submitted three names to the Council, which they did, but only one showed up to be interviewed. My question is what does state law require, not hand picked by a committee?

Ms Stern is also one of the leaders of no line ballot, but comes up with some bs that it’s not policy in Mercer County and all she wants is to identify her slate in fear of losing control.

I have always supported and protecting our greenbelt and environment, but Ms Stern feels degrading true Democrats will get her slate elected. I did not support buying three properties so that we can build a bicycle path from the high school to Woolsey Park in the Township while our greenbelt property on Route 31 was lost to auto salvage. My purpose is to protect Pennington and make it the place where people move because it’s a great little town.  

Finally you may not have to identify who paid for your handouts, I just hope it isn’t one of the Township landowners whose property your looking to purchase – just saying.

Chico Marciante

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