LTE: Reply to Reba Holley

Seems Ms. Holley from the Democratic Committee has to weigh in, causing more damage to the party in an attempt to stop those who might have a different opinion than hers.

I have lived in Pennington for over 67 years and have donated many hours of my time representing the state, county and borough. I have seen many changes some good some not so good, but to be attacked and lied about causes me grave concern. I was upset when you, Reba, as a member of the Democratic Committee refused to sign my petition for Council 3 years ago and I was really offended when one committee member said all I care about is pickleball.

Sometimes I attend three borough meetings a week plus I still volunteer at the Pennington Fire Company. So I know all about being active in the community. Did you ever think maybe you and the committee could come to Council meetings to discuss issues? I have been on Council for 9 years and have seen you maybe 3 times, Art Firestone never, James Creegan never, and Carol Cole I don’t really know or have I met. The only one that attends our meetings is Dan Pace and the only differences I have with Dan concern open space.

Kati Angarone is an excellent replacement for Bev Mills and I hope she gets elected. I must admit since I challenged this committee I’m beginning to see the words must include everyone, it’s not on social media but I’m sure things will change. For the record I am not vindictive and hopeful after this bitter election we can work together to keep Pennington the great small town I grew up in.

Chico Marciante

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