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MercerMe’s 5th Annual “Cut-Throat Cookie Exchange” Sign-up Announced!

by Renata Barnes

It’s almost that time of year again when the air is filled with wonder along with the crisp scent of evergreen and peppermint. You’ll have hot cocoa in your mug, gloves on your hands, and a general feeling of benevolence. We reach out to family and friends near and far with tidings of goodwill and seek a way to exorcise our inner Scrooge by helping those who need a little bit of hope. The staff here at MercerMe is also preparing for the holidays – but rest assured that halls won’t be the only thing we are decking! That’s right, The 5th Annual MercerMe Cut-Throat Cookie Exchange is coming for you! 

If you can’t tell that I once again plan on winning this competition, I do and will, but this time I will do it in earnest. The trash talk that has been slowly spewing about wanna-be bakers who think they can best me with store brand flour, margarine (yuck) and imitation vanilla extract (an abomination) is laughable and all in good fun. However, I do believe some are actually starting to believe they will prevail. Obviously, it’s time to gut-check some of these disillusioned Arm & Hammer sniffers with my glazed Martha Stewart cutting board and William Sonoma monogrammed measuring cups. 

This year, we have a real challenge… well, the other bakers do. Jacqueline Cooper Conard has won this competition two years in a row. This is not acceptable. The first time was amazing in that someone had dropped out the morning of the event and she replaced them. That evening, at The 3rd Annual Cut-Throat Cookie Exchange, she walked away with the big prize. Last year, she came back to prove she’s a formidable baking force (although, there is an ongoing investigation into bribery, intimidation, and questionable interaction with judges – ha ha) by winning, again, and taking home the grand prize. 

This is not an event for the mild-mannered!! We have fifteen (15) slots open for would-be bakers who dare go head to head on December 7, at 5:30pm in a friendly but spirited competition to see who can bring home the “gold medal”.  We have young and old, male and female, four categories, and one grand prize. The flour will be flying, the milk curdling, and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth as each one of these wannabee champions present their best cookie to the judges. 

The rules are simple:  #1 The cookies MUST be homemade. Absolutely no bar or pan cookies. Absolutely none of the classics: no chocolate chip, no snickerdoodle, no oatmeal, no peanut butter. #2 You must make at least 100 cookies, That’s roughly three (3) batches for the average cookie recipe. Do not skimp! We’ll know. Rule #3: Beat Jacqueline Cooper Conard!

The categories that will be judged are: best looking; most original; best tasting; best in show. 

The winner receives the crown of complete baking domination and bragging rights for a year, along with a modest prize. 

“Our goal with this competition is to bring community members together to celebrate the season, introduce people to MercerMe as well as each other, and to have a good time,”  said Mary Galioto, editor-in-chief, founder, and publisher of MercerMe. 

In truth, this is really just a big, loud, joyous holiday party with neighbors who don’t know each other and end up becoming friends. There will be great food, celebratory libations, and plenty of laughter. 

If you would like to participate, please click the link below which will take you to the sign-up sheet. Please fill in all the pertinent information, making sure you leave a way for us to get in touch with you. Be mindful that once all the slots are filled, we will close the list down. If you are still interested after the sign-up has been filled, keep watch for announcements in case slots become available if someone drops out.

SIGN UP HERE https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0a4ba4af2fa4fd0-mercermes

This event is sponsored by the generosity of merchants, restaurateurs, and business people in our community. Most importantly, please support the local businesses who make their living, and their life, right here in the Valley by patronizing their establishments. 

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