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(PHOTOS) Washington Crossing Reenactment on the Delaware River

by Mary Galioto

Twice a year, on the banks of the Delaware River, onlookers get the chance to witness what it looked like when George Washington braved the historic Christmas Day river crossing.

Washington Crossing Historic Park hosts two crossings, one that was held on Sunday, December 9, and the second on December 25, Christmas Day, from 1 to 3pm.

During the reenactments, several hundred reenactors in dressed Continental military attire listen to Washington’s inspiring speech and then row across the river in replica Durham boats. Additionally, activities and demonstrations take place throughout the historic village.

Photos by Michael Chipowsky 

Please note, river crossings are contingent upon safe conditions for participants. However, even if conditions do not allow for crossing, ceremonies, speeches and commemorative activities still occur.


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