Some NJ Hospitals Unhappy with How They Score in New Ranking System

“In a move designed to help patients and family members select the best healthcare facility for their needs, the federal government created a new, simplified rating system that assigned hospitals nationwide between one and five stars based on clinical outcomes, customer satisfaction, and adherence to key protocols. But the federal Centers for Medicare…”

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Study shows 14-year life expectancy difference within Mercer County, #CloseHealthGaps


  1. I will never forget going down to Camden in 1978 or 1979. On this extra-wide avenue, I passed block after block, of houses with no doors. Where were all the people? Camden is poorest city in nj, so I was wondering about how a hospital down ever scored ‘4 stars’.

    Read about Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden.
    the article is from nyt, easy reading.

    ‘At the Mayo Clinic and at major
    academic centers like NewYork-Presby-
    terian Hospital, it is 50 minutes — a sta-
    tistic that, amazingly, Lourdes matches.’


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