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Township Committee introduces do-not-solicit registry, notes first State cannabis retail approval

by Deborah Howlett

Hopewell Township residents may soon be able to sign up for a do-not-solicit list that would keep door-to-door salespeople from knocking on their doors, under an ordinance introduced Tuesday at the Township Committee meeting.

The ordinance was introduced by Township Committee member David Chait in response to citizen complaints about aggressive solicitation by several companies in recent months.

“This ordinance will help protect the privacy as well as the safety and security of residents,”Chait said.

The “no-knock” ordinance amends the existing Hawkers, Peddlers and Canvassers law and provides new language that allows all businesses and residences in the Township to register on a do-not-solicit list maintained by the Township Clerk.

It makes it unlawful for someone with a peddler or solicitors license to approach a residence or be within the perimeter of the property. The Township will also provide a front door warning decal or sign for $10 to those who register.  Any violation would result in a $100 fine and the revocation of the solicitation permit.

The ordinance will also limit solicitation hours in the township to between 9am and 6pm and increase the vendor application fee to $20 from $15 and a license fee to $125 from $100.

The ordinance does not affect deliveries of goods or merchandise, such as through Amazon. It also exempts door-to-door solicitations protected by state law, including military veterans and volunteer firefighters, as well as solicitations protected by the US Constitution, such as political candidates or religious organizations.

The full amended ordinance as introduced can be read here.

The Committee will hold a full public hearing on the ordinance at its next meeting, September 29.

In other news, hopeful cannabis retailer Pure Blossom has received its State approval. It must file its completed application to the Township within 60 days. The proposed location for its retail cannabis operation is 2554 Pennington Road, a former medical office on the Pennington Circle. The Committee approved its initial application to the Township in April.

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