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What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….

by Community Contributor

From August 11 to August 18, weather permitting, Helo-Air will be performing routine patrols on JCP&L 500kV, 230kV, 115kV lines. These patrols are anticipated to take approximately one week to complete, but work is strongly weather dependent. The helicopter used for these patrols will be Helo-Air, Blue and White Bell 206, with Tail number – N894HA. 

A routine visual patrol is a general inspection of the structures, conductors, and all associated hardware on the transmission lines. The onboard inspector is looking for any outstanding issues or immediate threats to the reliability of the transmission lines. The helicopter may also be seen hovering and/or circling to get a closer look at any problems that may be found during these patrols.
The inspector will patrol the transmission circuits in their entirety, breaker-to-breaker, so patrols on certain lines may extend into the neighboring regions.

Submitted by Hopewell Township.

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