HV Regional School District To Raise Money for Sister Schools Affected by Recent Hurricanes


    Hopewell Valley Regional School District (HVRSD) teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, administrators, student organizations, and school Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) have banded together to raise money for families affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, naming the effort, Hopewell United. Money raised will be used to purchase supplies that will then be sent to six schools in Texas, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean, for distribution to their school’s families.

    It is hoped that a bond is formed between the selected schools and their HVRSD “sister” school that will transcend the supplies sent into skype calls and pen pal writing. Hopewell Valley’s six schools chose their own “sister” school for which to raise money. One school, Hopewell Elementary, selected Bonita Springs Elementary School (BES), located approximately 30 minutes north of Naples, Florida. BES  was used as an emergency shelter during Hurricane Irma, housing evacuees and their pets. On September 8th, along with other schools in their district, classes ended and the school was shuttered. After more than two weeks without classes, the elementary school reopened on September 25th amidst families struggling to cope with limited resources and a school not yet fully operational.


    How Can You Help?

    Though the effort is off to a good start—one donor gave $1,000—more money is needed. Donations will be accepted at each of the district’s school main offices. Checks should be made out to the school PTO with the selected sister school name noted in the memo (ask the main office for the name of the school). Gift cards from Walmart and Target will also be accepted.

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    Angela Jacobs
    Angela Jacobs is a freelance writer who lives in Hopewell Township with her teenaged children and partner of 20 years. Despite her best efforts to simplify her life, last year she added four chickens and a second rescue dog to her pet menagerie. Unfortunately, an interim of peaceful coexistence ended with the untimely demise of two of the chickens at the paws of Jax, the new dog. An egregious lack of impulse control has since been diagnosed resulting in an indefinite separation of Jax from all present and future chickens, her two cockatiels, open garbage cans, snacks open on tables, abandoned stuffed animals, etc. She does however gently encourage him toward a certain industrious squirrel that has spelunked its way through her backyard in search of the most perfect hiding spot for its nuts.



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