Spotlight: Interview with Hopewell Twp New Mayor Harvey Lester

Hopewell Township’s new mayor, Harvey Lester, answered some exclusive interview questions for MercerMe readers to let us know what local residents can expect in 2015. We asked him to be short and sweet — and we appreciate that he certainly stuck to our request! 

What do you view as the most important issues facing the Township for 2015? Keeping Hopewell Township a great place to live, work and play.

You’ve already mentioned that the important 2015 issues include affordable housing, pipeline and collecting money owed from the state. Which of these do think this is the priority? All must be addressed simultaneously.

What do you most look forward to in your term as mayor? Bringing fresh energy and new ideas to Township issues.

Lester being sworn in at Township Committee meeting last week
Lester being sworn in at Township Committee meeting last week

What do you view as special about Hopewell Township? One-third of all the open space in Mercer County is in Hopewell Township, and one-third of Hopewell Township is open space.

How do you think your personal and professional background make you uniquely qualified to serve as mayor As a trial lawyer, it is my nature to thoroughly analyze issues, anticipate problems and find the best available solution.

Name something people would be surprised to find out about you. I play the guitar, and I am a big fan of Taylor Swift.

What do you on a typical morning on the weekend? Sleep in and spend time with my family.

Where are some your favorite places to eat/hike/shop in the Township? I love biking on the towpath with my family and dining at Piccolo Trattoria.

Thanks to Mayor Lester for sharing his thoughts about things to come in 2015. We know our readers are looking forward to a great year.

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