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Positive Changes to PARCC at Hopewell Valley Central High School

by Angela Jacobs

Hopewell Valley Central High School has put in place administrative improvements for this year’s PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) test. Instead of pulling kids out of classes, over a three-week period, the high school students will take the test in one week, during the same time frame.

This year, testing will take place May 12 – May 19, between 7:45-10:45 a.m., and students will follow a delayed opening schedule. This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Kids will not miss Instructional time for the exam. (Students previously took the test in the middle of the day, during class time)
  • Testing will occur later in the school year, thus allowing greater time to teach covered content. (Last year, students took the test a month earlier.)

PARCC will be administered after the Advanced Placement exams (May 1 – 12), rather than before them, as it was last year.

“You don’t have the disruption in the classes anymore. It just makes a lot more sense. It’s also less pressure on the kids who are trying to stay up with their classes when they’re missing classes. Our PARCC numbers were not great last year and one of the reasons was because PARCC tested on material before kids learned it. By pushing testing out to May, we actually give the teachers an opportunity to teach the material before the kids have to be tested on it. I think that all of these changes are really good”, said Board of Education President, Lisa Wolff.

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