2017 Hopewell Valley Election Information


    On November 7th, elections will take place. Below are the candidates running and the public questions up for vote. Hyperlinks to candidate websites, Facebook pages, and letters to the editor have been added next to many of the names. To find your polling location, click here.

    GOVERNOR & Lt. GOVERNOR (4 Year Term) (Vote for One)

    Kim Guadagno & Carlos A. Rendo (R) (Website)  

    Philip Murphy & Shelia Oliver (D) (Website)

    Matthew Riccardi (Constitution Party) (Website)

    Vincent Ross & April A. Johnson (We The People)

    Peter J. Rohrman & Karese J. Laguerre (Libertarian Party) (Website)

    Gina Genovese (Reduce Property Taxes) (Website)

    Seth Kaper-Dale & Lisa Durden (Green Party) (Website)


    LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT (4 Year Term) (Vote for One)

    Lee Eric Newton (R)

    Shirley K. Turner (D)-Incumbent (Website)



    Rimma Yakobovich (R) (Website)

    Emily Rich (R)

    Reed Gusciora (D)-Incumbent-  Website

    Elizabeth Maher Muoio (D)-Incumbent- (Website)


    SHERIFF (3 Year Term) (Vote for One)

    Charles “Chuck” Farina (R)

    John A. “Jack” Kemler (D) -Incumbent- (Facebook page)


    BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS (3 Year Term) (Vote for Two)

    Jeff Hewitson (R)

    Michelle Noone (R)

    Lucylle R.S. Walter (D)- Incumbent- (Website)

    John A. Cimino (D)- Incumbent- (Website)


    HOPEWELL BOROUGH COMMON COUNCIL (3 Year Term) (Vote for 2)

    Charles Schuyler Morehouse (R)

    Ryan Kennedy (D) (Facebook page)


    HOPEWELL BOROUGH COMMON COUNCIL (1 Year Unexpired Term) (Vote for One)

    Shelby Tewell (R)


    HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE (3 Year Term) (Vote for Two)

    Kevin D. Kuchinski (D)- Incumbent- (MercerMe letter to the editor)

    Michael Ruger (D) (MercerMe letter to the editor)

    Phil Volpe (R) (MercerMe letter to the editor and website)

    Luis Nicolao (R) (MercerMe letter to the editor and website)



    Glen Griffiths (D)

    Catherine “Kit” Chandler (D)



    (Hopewell and Pennington Boroughs do not have available positions. The below are Hopewell Township residents.)

    Darius Matthews

    Adam J. Sawicki, Jr.- Incumbent- (MercerMe letter to the editor and Facebook page)

    Sarah Tracy

    David A. Bario

    Alyce Murray- Incumbent



    Constitutional Amendment Dedicating Moneys From State Environmental Contamination Cases

    Do you approve amending the Constitution to dedicate all moneys collected by the State relating to natural resource damages in cases of contamination of the environment? The moneys would have to be used to repair, restore, replace, or preserve the State’s natural resources. The moneys may also be used to pay legal or other costs incurred by the State in pursuing its claims.

    Interpretive Statement

    This amendment would dedicate moneys collected by the State relating to natural resource damages through settlements or awards for legal claims based on environmental contamination. These moneys would be dedicated to repair, replace, or restore damaged natural resources, or to preserve the State’s natural resources. The moneys would be spent in an area as close as possible to the geographical area in which the damage occurred. The moneys could also be used to pay for the State’s legal or other costs in pursuing the claims. Currently, these moneys may be used for any State purpose.



    New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act

    Do you approve amending the “New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act”? This bond act authorizes the State to issue bonds in the aggregate principal amount of $125 million. The proceeds of the bonds will be used to provide grants to public libraries. The grants will be used to build, equip, and expand public libraries to increase capacity and serve the public.

    Interpretive Statement

    Approval of this bond act will allow the State to sell $125 million in State general obligation bonds. Proceeds from the bonds will be used to provide grants to construct, expand, and equip public libraries. Municipalities or counties that fund public libraries will match the grant amount. The municipality or county may solicit private funding to support its match. The State Librarian, in consultation with the President of Thomas Edison State University, will set eligibility criteria for the grants.


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