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Community Contributor: An Ice Cream Addict’s Recommendation

by Community Contributor

I admit it: I AM an ice cream addict. No need to deny it. A weekend without ice cream is a total failure. When I get ice cream, a whole other personality takes over. I become an ice cream critic. You’d think I am a connosoir trained in ice cream school. Suddenly, I am making statements about “The freezer wasn’t cold enough,” or “They call THAT two scoops??”

This past weekends adventure took me to Dilly’s Corner which is just across the bridge from Stockton PA. First time! It’s a lovely place within 100 feet of the end of the bridge. YOU CAN’T MISS IT!

Besides ice cream they do have solid food such as burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and even vegetarian. But I wasn’t there for that stuff. I came for the goods! Oh, never mind that I had ice cream an hour before in Frenchtown…

Since it was my first time at Dilly’s, I went with a classic: the ice cream sundae. I liked it! While it was soft-serve ice cream, it definitely stood above the crowd. Right temperature. Right texture. Good solid vanilla flavor. On top of that was a fudge sauce that matched (my spouse said “exceeded”) the quality of the ice cream. Combined, these two added up to a BIG smile on my face and not a word of negative criticism.

Bottom line: Take the scenic drive up rte. 29 to Stockton and cross that bridge. Chances are you might see me there…you know I am going back!

Community Contributor: This Hopewell Borough resident prefers to enjoy his/her ice cream addiction without judgment. He/she enjoys excessive amounts of exercise, thinking about how clouds look like sundaes and mapping out travel plans based on cone-stops rather than pit-stops.

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