COVID-19 update from HTC member Julie Blake

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This morning, Hopewell Township released the following video from Committee member Julie Blake. Transcript follows.

Hi, this is Julie Blake from Hopewell Township. I want to give you an update on COVID-19 and its impact on Hopewell Township and the community.

To date, we have 45 positives tests. Please know that this does not represent the true number of people who are infected in our community. Family members in the same household are not tested and we still do not have enough access to tests in New Jersey. Many people with mild symptoms are asked to self-quarantine and are also not tested.

I am sorry to announce that there are two community members who died from covid-19. We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of these two individuals who are our community members.

Thank you to the health teams who support all of our residents during our most difficult moments.

Please continue to check on your neighbors, particularly if they are elderly, live alone, or struggle with any kind of health issues – mental health, emotional health, or physical health.

We are being challenged, but we are here to support one another, and we will continue to do so.  Stay safe, stay strong.


  1. And please, please, please check in on single parents with small children and babies. Access to groceries, essentials, even medical help may be more difficult for them to secure. Thank you!

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