Donation campaign supports local child with cancer

Nine-year-old Connor’s life was turned upside down on February 4, 2022.

In mid-January, Conner was experiencing bouts of nausea, inability to lay flat and vomiting that would not go away for a few weeks. After his his condition progressed, he could not hold any food down. Connor’s parents took him to the ER, knowing something was wrong. On February 4, the doctors at Princeton Medical Center performed an MRI, where they found a tumor in his brain. He was transported and admitted into the ER at CHOP in Philly that night. 

On Saturday, February 5, through a detailed MRI, the doctors confirmed a 3cm mass in his cerebellum, pressing against his 4 ventricle, compromising his brain fluid from circulating down his spine. Doctor’s scheduled him for emergency brain surgery on the next possible day – Monday, February 7. At only 9 years old, Connor was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. With this malignant cancer, his only treatment option is radiation and chemotherapy. Connor left the hospital on February 19. His parents decided his best course of action was to enroll him in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Connor’s radiation began on March 10 and chemo will start in early June. After that, occupational and physical therapy will begin. 

Connor is back at Hopewell Elementary School in Ms. Hamilton’s 3rd-grade class for the remainder of the year hoping to give him some sense of normalcy. 

For those who know Connor, know he’s a kid that loves to play with his friends outside. He’s a pro at Nintendo switch and enjoys golf and tennis lessons.  Connor also loved playing soccer and going swimming. While this change in his life has been hard for him and everyone who knows him, he continues to smile and be resilient. Through his strength, he’s given his friends and family the inspiration to be strong for him. 

To donate to help Connor and his family, please click this link to their GoFundMe page.

Connor’s last day of radiation.

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