Governor to announce: mask requirement expanded

Masks made by Mercer Mask project

Governor Phil Murphy appeared on MSNBC Morning Joe this morning to signal a new requirement that masks be worn in public at all times inside and outside where social distancing is not possible.

Murphy said that he is concerned by increased testing numbers and that he believes masks are “a game changer.” He indicated a formal announcement will be made later today.

When queried by host Willie Geist about whether people will be fined for not wearing masks, Murphy stated: “You’re not going to get cited if you’re by yourself or with your family. But if you’re congregating with a lot of other folks and there’s no social distancing, you’re going to at least get a warning, if not something stronger.”

Murphy also said that he also will be announcing later today that indoor restaurants that have the ability to open two walls to the outside will be allowed 50% capacity rather than the current 25% capacity limit for indoor restaurants.

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Amie Rukenstein
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