Hopewell Township Committee video update

Today, Hopewell Township Committee member Julie Blake talks about how to find both mental health assistance and physical help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. It is vital that all construction work/Landscaping in Hopewell/Pennington cease due to the epidemic happening around us. It is being driven by greed, it’s inconsiderate, wrong, money based and perhaps done to speed up completion time for a contractor bonus! Whatever the reason is, it must stop. We don’t need our lawns to look pretty during this epidemic, or risk your health, my health or god forbid any child’s health.
    Mayors of both Pennington/Hopewell need to find common ground on this topic and see that the community health is at risk and contractors/Landscaping are not vital nor is building a home, mulching a pretty house a priority at this time.
    I’d like this to be taken seriously!
    My next letter if no change is noticed, will go to NPR,NJ.com and our local papers.

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