Hopewell Township helps save The Shore!

Once again, Hopewell Township Public Works has helped protect the shore by delivering your discarded Christmas trees to Point Pleasant!

The American Littoral Society (https://www.littoralsociety.org/) works to conserve marine life and protect the coast from harm. They are working on a project in Point Pleasant to help protect the shoreline of a tidal creek near the Slade Dale Sanctuary. The Sanctuary’s forest, swamp, and marsh provide a small area of protected wilderness in the midst of a very heavily developed region. It is host to myriad creatures, including fish, osprey, egrets, and eagles.

The shoreline at the sanctuary has eroded, and the Society is working to rebuild it. This is where the Christmas trees come in. In 2018 they installed over 300 wooden pilings. Point Pleasant collects Christmas trees that are then placed between the pilings to create breakwaters, which helps prevent further erosion.

It’s great to know our trees are going to such a great cause! Thanks go to Public Works for making it happen.

Submitted by Hopewell Township

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