Hopewell Township reports massive uptick in COVID-19 cases

Hopewell Township is reporting 50 new positive COVID-19 cases this week. In the past two weeks, Hopewell Township has seen 74 new cases, which up until then had a cumulative 142 cases in the entirety of the pandemic to that point.

The Township website states:

“We are unfortunately reporting an additional 50 new cases of COVID-19 in Hopewell Township during the past week, bringing our total case count to 216. Nearly 20% of this week’s cases were a result of secondary infection among household members. According to the CDC, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is transmitted very easily within households. If you have symptoms, prompt isolation including the use of a separate bedroom and bathroom (if feasible), and social distancing in shared spaces, may help to reduce transmission. Please keep your holiday gatherings small, local, focused on your household, and with the utmost care to protect high-risk individuals.”

Mercer County and New Jersey both are reporting the highest rates of new cases since May. For more information, click here. Pennington and Hopewell Borough numbers were not available at the time of publication of this article, but we will continue checking and will update when they do become available.

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